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《Adaptation》 改编剧本 我们荒诞而又真实的人生


No.074 《Adaptation》 改编剧本 我们荒诞而又真实的人生


Adaptation is a 2002 American semi-autobiographical drama metafilm directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman. The film is based on Susan Orlean's non-fiction book The Orchid Thief, with numerous self-referential events added. The film stars Nicolas Cage as Charlie and Donald Kaufman, Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean, with Chris Cooper as John Laroche, Cara Seymour, Brian Cox, Tilda Swinton, Ron Livingston and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) is a gifted but profoundly neurotic screenwriter who, after the success of Being John Malkovich, has been hired to write a script adapted from the nonfiction book The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean. But while Charlie is obsessive about his work, he's also intensely paranoid, given to deep depression, socially inept, and terrified of talking to women, qualities which are making it difficult to get on with his work or hold on to his tenuous relationship with girlfriend Amelia (Cara Seymour). Meanwhile, Charlie's identical twin brother, Donald Kaufman (also played by Cage), has shown up to move in with his brother. Emotionally, Donald is Charlie's polar opposite—a loudmouthed, over-confident, superficial party animal who has an easy way with the ladies. Donald has decided to follow his brother's footsteps and take up screenwriting as well, but embracing the dictates of screenwriting tutor Robert McKee (Brian Cox), he's cranking out a cliché-ridden serial-killer thriller when not busy making time with new girlfriend Caroline (Maggie Gyllenhaal). As Donald blazes through his screenplay, Charlie slowly picks away at his story, in which author Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep) chronicles John Laroche (Chris Cooper), a scruffy but devoted plant enthusiast who tries to save rare species of orchids by stealing them from their natural home in the swamps of Florida. As John and Susan become well acquainted, they find themselves attracted to one another; similarly, Charlie finds himself increasingly fascinated with Susan, and finds himself falling in love with her, even though he's only seen her photo on the dust jacket of her book. Charlie arranges to meet Susan, but is too nervous to confront her face to face, so he sends Donald (who has just scored a seven-figure deal for his script) in his place, while he attends a screenwriting seminar held by McKee.

The film had been in development as far back as 1994. Jonathan Demme brought the project to Columbia Pictures with Kaufman writing the script. Kaufman went through writer's block and did not know what to think of The Orchid Thief. Finally he wrote a script based on his experience of adapting The Orchid Thief as a screenplay. Jonze signed to direct, and filming was finished in June 2001.

Adaptation opened on December 6, 2002 in the United States for a limited release. The film was released nationwide on February 14, 2003, earning $1,130,480 in its opening weekend in 672 theaters. Adaptation. went on to gross $22.5 million in North America and $10.3 million in foreign countries, coming at a total of $32.8 million. Based on 197 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes, Adaptation. received an 91% overall approval rating; among 36 of Rotten Tomatoes' "Top Critics," the film received an 86% approval rating. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times believed the film was" something that leaves you breathless with curiosity, as it teases itself with the directions it might take. To watch the film is to be actively involved in the challenge of its creation. " He later added the film to his "Great Movies" collection.

Adaptation achieved critical acclaim, and gained numerous awards at the 75th Academy Awards, 60th Golden Globe Awards and 56th British Academy Film Awards, especially for its writing and acting. Chris Cooper won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, while Nicolas Cage (Actor in a Leading Role) and Streep (Supporting Actress) were nominated. Charlie and Donald Kaufman were nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

《Adaptation》 改编剧本 我们荒诞而又真实的人生
























《Adaptation》 改编剧本 我们荒诞而又真实的人生


He's cranking out a cliché-ridden serial-killer thriller

在英语中,如果你说一个公司或个人crank out a quantity of similar things, you mean they produce them quickly, in the same way, and are usually implying that the things are not original or are of poor quality. 也就是“迅速地大量滥制;迅速而经常地制作;机械地完成,刻板地制造出”的意思,比如:The writer must have cranked it out in his lunch-hour.(作者一定是在午餐时间快速把它拼凑出来的。)

But is too nervous to confront her face to face

我们都知道,在文中,face to face是“面对面地;面碰面地”的意思,比如:For another, we need to spend much time commnicating with each other face to face.(另一方面,我们也要多花点时间来面对面的沟通。)另外,face to face常引申为“面对着;处于必须解决(困难、问题)的境地”的意思。


neurotic[njur?tik] adj. 神经过敏的;神经病的

nonfiction[n?n?fikn] n. 非小说的散文文学

obsessive[?b?sesiv] adj. 强迫性的;着迷的;分神的

tenuous[?tenju?s] adj. 纤细的;稀薄的;贫乏的

loudmouthed[?laudmaued] adj. 吼叫的;高声讲话的

superficial[?sju:pfil] adj. 表面的;肤浅的

tutor[?tju:t?] n. 导师;家庭教师;助教

scruffy[?skr?fi] adj. 破旧的;肮脏的;不整齐的

orchid[:kid] n. 兰花;兰科植物;淡紫色

seminar[?seminɑ:] n. 讨论会,研讨班

breathless[?breθlis] adj. 喘不过气来的;停止呼吸的

curiosity[?kjurisiti] n. 好奇,好奇心;珍品,古董,古玩


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