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《The Devil Wears Prada》 穿普拉达的女王 时尚总是让人疯狂


No.069 《The Devil Wears Prada》 穿普拉达的女王 时尚总是让人疯狂


The Devil Wears Prada is a 2006 comedy-drama film, a loose screen adaptation of Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel of the same name. It stars Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs, a college graduate who goes to New York City and gets a job as a co-assistant to powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci co-star, as co-assistant Emily Charlton, and Art Director Nigel, respectively. Adrian Grenier, Simon Baker and Tracie Thoms play key supporting roles. Wendy Finerman produced and David Frankel directed the film, and was distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Lauren Weisberger's best-selling novel about a young woman who stumbles into the hectic worlds of high fashion and publishing comes to the big screen in this comedy. Andrea "Andy" Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is a bright young woman from the Midwest who has just graduated from college and wants to work as a magazine writer. Andy has applied for a job at "Runway", America's most prestigious fashion journal; though Andy has little to no interest in the garment trade, they are one of the only magazines in New York with a job opening—second assistant to editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). As Andy quickly learns, Miranda is a diva with plenty of power within the magazine business and she isn't afraid to use it, and though Andy lands the job (primarily by being in the right place at the right time), she soon learns that working for Miranda could test the patience of a saint thanks to her endless demands and refusal to acknowledge the end of a work day. Andy struggles to hold on to the job and her sanity, knowing that a recommendation from Miranda can open nearly any door at any magazine, but can she handle the pressure without losing her mind along the way?

The film was well received by both film critics and the public, becoming a surprise summer box-office hit following its June 30 North American release. The commercial success and critical praise for Streep's performance continued in foreign markets, with the film leading the international box office for most of October. The U.S. DVD release likewise was the top rental during December. It grossed over $300 million, mostly from its international run, and finished in 2006's top 20 both in the U.S. and overseas. Although the movie is set in the fashion world, most designers and other fashion notables avoided appearing as themselves for fear of displeasing U.S. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who is widely believed to have been the inspiration for Priestly. Many designers allowed their clothes and accessories to be used in the film, making it the most expensively costumed film in history. Wintour later overcame her initial skepticism, saying she liked the film and Streep in particular.

Streep's performance drew critical acclaim and earned her many award nominations, including her 14th Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, lengthening her record from 13 for most nominations by any actor male or female. Field received a Costume Design nomination as well.

《The Devil Wears Prada》 穿普拉达的女王 时尚总是让人疯狂























《The Devil Wears Prada》 穿普拉达的女王 时尚总是让人疯狂


Andy has applied for a job at "Runway"

文中的apply for是英语中的一个固定搭配,在文中是“(正式)申请,求(职),要求(工作等)”的意思,比如:She applied to the manager for a job as clerk.(她向经理申请一份办事员的工作。)另外,它还有“请求”的意思,比如:He has applied to the banker for a loan. (他向银行家申请贷款。)

Andy struggles to hold on to the job and her sanity

文中的hold on to是英语中的一个固定搭配,它最常见的意思是“紧紧抓住,抓牢”,比如:He held on to the rope, and slipped down the cliff slowly.(他紧紧抓住绳索,慢慢向悬崖下滑去。)另外,它还有“保持,保留;不放弃;以…为依靠,依靠…的帮助;控制,抑制”的意思,比如:He holds on to his poor life although he's rich now.(尽管他现在十分富有,可他一直保持着清贫的生活方式。)


graduate[?ɡræd?u?t] n. 研究生;毕业生

respectively[ri?spektivli] adv. 分别地;各自地,独自地

hectic[?hektik] adj. 兴奋的,狂热的;脸上发红;肺病的

prestigious[pre?stids] adj. 有名望的;享有声望的

garment[?ɡɑ:m?nt] n. 衣服,服装;外表,外观

patience[?peins] n. 耐性,耐心;忍耐,容忍

refusal[ri?fju:z?l] n. 拒绝;优先取舍权;推却;取舍权

likewise[?laikwaiz] adv. 同样地;也

rental[?rent?l] n. 租金收入,租金;租赁

skepticism[?skeptisiz?m] n. 怀疑论;怀疑的态度



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