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《Slumdog Millionaire》 贫民窟的百万富翁


No.005 《Slumdog Millionaire》 贫民窟的百万富翁 污泥中的极致爱情


Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British drama film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Simon Beaufoy, and co-directed in India by Loveleen Tandan. It is an adaptation of the novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup. Set and filmed in India, the film tells the story of Jamal Malik, a young man from the Juhu slums of Mumbai who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Accused of cheating and desperate to prove his innocence, an eighteen-year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai reflects back on his tumultuous life while competing to win 20 million rupees on India's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Danny Boyle's inspirational drama. Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) may not have a penny to his name, but that could all change in a matter of hours. He's one question away from taking the top prize on India's most popular television game show, but as with everything else in Jamal's life, it isn't going to be easy. Arrested by police under suspicion of cheating, Jamal is interrogated by the authorities. The police simply can't believe that a common "slumdog" could possibly possess the knowledge to get this far in the game, and in order to convince them of how he gained such knowledge, Jamal begins reflecting back on his childhood. As young boys, Jamal and his older brother, Salim, lived in squalor, and lost their mother in a mob attack on Muslims. Subsequently forced to rely on their own wits to survive, the desperate siblings fell back on petty crime, eventually befriending adorable yet feisty young Latika as they sought out food and shelter on the unforgiving streets of Mumbai. Though life on the streets was never easy, Jamal's experiences ultimately instilled in him the knowledge he needed to answer the tough questions posed to him on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. And though Jamal makes a convincing case for himself, one question still remains: why would a young man with no apparent desire for wealth or fame be so determined to win big on a national game show? Of course, it won't be long until everyone finds out the answer to this burning question, because as Jamal sits down to find out whether he will be rich beyond his wildest dreams, 60 million viewers remain transfixed to their televisions eager to see if he'll correctly answer the final question.

After its world premiere at Telluride Film Festival and later screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival and the London Film Festival, Slumdog Millionaire had a nationwide grand release in the United Kingdom on 9 January 2009 and in the United States on 23 January 2009. It premiered in Mumbai on 22 January 2009.

Slumdog Millionaire was met with near universal critical acclaim. As of 5 July 2012, Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a 94% rating with 210 fresh and 14 rotten reviews. The average score is 8.2/10. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalised rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film has received an average score of 86, based on 36 reviews. Movie City News shows that the film appeared in 123 different top ten lists, out of 286 different critics lists surveyed, the 3rd most mentions on a top ten list of any film released in 2008.

A sleeper hit, Slumdog Millionaire was nominated for 10 Academy Awards in 2009 and won eight, the most for any film of 2008, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It also won seven BAFTA Awards (including Best Film), five Critics' Choice Awards, and four Golden Globes.



《Slumdog Millionaire》 贫民窟的百万富翁
















《Slumdog Millionaire》 贫民窟的百万富翁







The desperate siblings fell back on petty crime

文中的fell back on是“依靠……”的意思,比如:They normally fell back on one of three arguments.(他们通常借助三个论据之一。)文中的petty crime是“轻微罪行;轻微犯罪”的意思,比如:The rise in unemployment is influented by an increase in petty crime.(在失业率上升的同时,轻度犯罪也跟着增长。)

They sought out food and shelter on the unforgiving streets of Mumbai

文中的sought out是seek out的过去时态,它是英语中的一个固定搭配,如果你seek out someone or something or seek them out, you keep looking for them until you find them.也就是“追寻到;找到”的意思,比如:Now is the time for local companies to seek out business opportunities in Europe.(现在是当地公司在欧洲寻求商机的时候了。)


innocence[?in?s?ns] n. 清白,无罪;天真无邪

tumultuous[tjm?ltjs] adj. 吵闹的;骚乱的;狂暴的

rupee[ru:?pi:] n. 卢比(货币)

suspicion[sspin] n. 怀疑;嫌疑;疑心;一点儿

interrogate[in?ter?uɡeit] vt. 审问;质问;询问

squalor[?skw?l?] n. 肮脏;悲惨;卑劣;道德败坏

feisty[?faisti] adj. 活跃的;好争吵的;烦躁不安的

millionaire[?miljnε?] n. 百万富翁;大富豪

acclaim[kleim] n. 欢呼,喝彩;称赞

mainstream[?meinstri:m] n. 主流


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