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影片对白 Giselle: Oh, my goodness. Your hair is lovely. You're beautiful. Phoebe: Well, thank …


Giselle: Oh, my goodness. Your hair is lovely. You're beautiful.

Phoebe: Well, thank you.

Giselle: The man who holds your heart is a lucky fellow indeed.

Phoebe: Well, you try telling him that.

Giselle: Well, I'm certain he already knows.

Ethan: Excuse me?

Giselle: Are you him? You are very lucky. I mean, just look at the way her eyes sparkle. It's no wonder you're in love.

Robert: I got it! Excuse me. I'm sorry. Giselle? Please? It's not like that, all right? They're not together anymore.

Giselle: I don't understand.

Robert: They're getting a divorce -- separating from each other, ok?

Giselle: Separating?

Robert: Yeah.

Giselle: For how long?

Robert: Forever.

Giselle: Forever and ever?

Robert: Shh. Yes.

Giselle: Oh, no.

Robert: What are you doing? Don't cry.

Ethan: Are you crying?

Robert: No, she's not.

Giselle: I'm sorry. I can't help it.

Ethan: Is she actually crying?

Giselle: It's just so sad.

Phoebe: What kind of an operation are you running here? This is so unprofessional.

Carl: Good morning, Phoebe. How are you? It's good to...

Lawyer: If you guys are trying to manipulate us, you can throw this whole deal out.

Carl: What is going on here? Who's she?

Robert: Uh, a friend. No, you know she's an acquaintance, actually.

Carl: Robert, You’re the one who begged me to put you on the case, and this is what I get for it? I walk in here and find everybody upset? And some girl is crying like we're on Oprah.

Robert: I'll take care of it. Carl, it's gonna be fine. What is wrong with you?

Giselle: Me?

Robert: Yes, you. This whole Kumbaya, “Up With People” routine. Those people are in real pain.

Giselle: Well, of course they're in pain. They're separated forever. Married one day and the next they're not. What sort of awful place is this?

Robert: It's reality.

Giselle: Well, I think I'd prefer to be in Andalasia.

Robert: I think I'd prefer that too. Get in, please.


1. the man who holds your heart is a lucky fellow indeed

这句话的意思是:“能虏获你芳心的人真是个幸运的小伙子”。“Hold one’s heart”字面的意思是“抓住某人的心”,引申为“得到某人的芳心;得到某人的爱意”。“Fellow”在口语中表示“家伙;小伙子”。另外,“fellow”还有“同志、同伴”的意思。这里的“indeed”用来加强形容词、名词的语气,强调“他”真的是一个“幸运儿”。

2. What kind of an operation are you running here?

这句话的意思是:“你这儿怎么做生意的?”“你这做的什么生意?”当看见Giselle哭了出来,客户们都很惊讶。这里的“here”是用来加强语气的,表示吃惊。在新概念第三册第二课中,牧师看到黑暗中的Bill时说了一句话:“Whatever are you doing up here Bill ?”“Here”是用来表示牧师的惊奇的。此外,“run”在这里的意思是“办;经营,管理”,比如:run a business 做生意。


文化面面观  Oprah Winfrey 奥普拉·温弗瑞

3. throw this whole deal out

意思是:“把整个生意(交易)都否决了”。“Throw out”是“不予考虑;否决;抛在脑后”的意思。比如:We can throw out that scheme.我们可以废除那个计划。

4. put you on the case


5. And some girl is crying like we're on Oprah.


6. Kumbaya, Up With People routine.

Kumbaya和Up With People都是歌曲名。Kumbaya原是非洲某部落的土语“到这里来”,后引申为“不切实际的东西(幻想)”。这里是指Giselle总是在这种不真实、哭哭啼啼的状态中。


Oprah Winfrey 奥普拉·温弗瑞


Born: 29 January 1954

Birthplace: Kosciusko, Mississippi

Best Known As: Host of TV's Oprah

Orpah Winfrey is the most successful female talk show host in American TV history. She went into broadcasting in the early 1970s; after anchoring and reporting TV news in Nashville, Tennessee and Baltimore, Maryland, she landed a job on the morning show of A.M. Chicago in 1984. The next year she made her movie debut in The Color Purple (based on the Alice Walker book) and was nominated for an Oscar. In 1986 she launched The Oprah Winfrey Show, a TV talk show which featured celebrity interviews and discussions of social issues. The show was a smash hit and within a decade she was one of the richest women in the United States. "Oprah's Book Club," a feature of her show highlighting new books, became famous for its ability to create bestsellers. In 2000 she launched her own lifestyle magazine, O.

Winfrey launched the career of relationship specialist Dr. Phil, who became famous while making regular guest appearances on her show... Oprah's production company is named Harpo Productions -- "Oprah" spelled backwards... In a 1991 interview with the Academy of Achievement, Winfrey said that her name was spelled "Orpah" on her birth certificate, but that she has always been called Oprah instead. (Who2 biography)


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