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影片对白 Ennis: What are we supposed to do now, huh? Jack: Get on in there and untangle 'em Ch…


Ennis: What are we supposed to do now, huh?

Jack: Get on in there and untangle 'em Chilean sheep out of ours, I guess.

Jack: Oh, where is it? Shit! God, half the goddamn paint brands havewore off!

Ennis: We gotta try. The least we can do is get the count right for Aguirre.

Jack: Fuck Aguirre!

Ennis: Oh, yeah, fuck Aguirre. What if we need to work for him again? You think of that? We gotta stick this out, Jack.

Ennis: You'll run them sheep off again if you don't quiet down.

Ennis: What are you doing?

Jack: Aguirre came by again. Says my uncle didn't die after all. Says bring 'em down.

Ennis: Bring 'em down, why? It's the middle of August.

Jack: Says there's a storm comin', movin' in from the Pacific. Worse than this one.

Ennis: That snow barely stuck an hour. Huh? Besides, that son of a bitch, he's cuttin' us out a whole month's pay. It ain't right.

Jack: Well, I can spare you a loan, bud, if you're short on cash. Give it to you when we get to Signal.

Ennis: I don't need your money, huh? You know, I ain't in the poorhouse. Shit!

Jack: All right.


1. paint brand


2. wear off

这个片语的意思是“diminish gradually, lose effectiveness 逐渐消失”,比如:We'll wait till the drug wears off. 我们会等到药效消失。“Half the goddamn paint brands have wore off”意思就是“一半羊身上的标记都磨没了。”

3. stick out

这个片语的意思是“continue doing something, endure something忍着/坚持做某事”,比如:I know you don't like it but you have to stick out the job for another month. 我知道你不喜欢,但你还得忍受这份工作一个月。

4. quiet down

“平息下来,安静下来”的意思,比如:If you knock on your wall appealingly, they will quiet down and discuss the matter softly among themselves for a moment--then, like the mice, they fall to persecuting you again, and as vigorously as before. 如果你哀求地敲敲墙壁,他们会安静下来,轻声细语地讨论,可是过不了一会儿,他们就像老鼠一样,又开始迫害你了,和先前一样吵闹。

5. he's cuttin' us out a whole month's pay

这里的cut 意思是“削减”,可以用来削减“钱财,人员,时间”等等,比如:You ought to cut the cooking time in half. 你得把做饭的时间削减一半。





Heath Ledger was a rising 21st-century movie star until his shocking death in 2008.

 Heath Ledger in The Patriot

Born in Perth, Western Australia on April 4, 1979, Ledger first became interested in acting while attending the all-boys Guilford Grammar School. He began his career performing onstage with the Guildford Theatre Company and was soon appearing in substantial roles on Australian television shows. The 1996 series Sweat featured him as a gay cyclist, while the following year's Roar cast him as a medieval Celtic prince--and also won him the beginnings of a fan base. After moving across the Pacific to Los Angeles, Ledger landed his lead role in 10 Things I Hate About You, the update of The Taming of the Shrew, opposite Julia Stiles in 1999. The movie proved to be a summer hit, and it succeeded in introducing Ledger to a legion of new fans. That same year, he starred in Two Hands, an Australian action comedy that cast him as a Sydney teenager who finds himself in debt to an underworld kingpin, played by Bryan Brown. The film premiered at that year's Sundance Film Festival. Following a prominant role in Roland Emmerich's The Patriot (2000), Ledger brought Excalibur sensabilities into the new millenium with A Knight's Tale (2001). With its tradition shattering blend of modern slang and music balanced with the classic tale of jousting mayhem, A Knight's Tale served as an exciting star vehicle for the popular young actor. The young actor also garnered a fair amount of praise for his supporting role as a deeply depressed prison employee in the Oscar-winning film Monsters Ball (2001).

Though the film did not fare well critically or otherwise, Ledger nonetheless proved himself a versatile actor in The Four Feathers (2002), in which he starred as a cowardly officer-in-training who resigns from the British Army shortly before being shipped off to Sudan. In the same vein, though The Order (2003) was shunned by critics, Ledger was praised for his intense performance as a tortured, knowledge-seeking priest. Australia's Ned Kelly (2003) features a then 24-year-old Heath in the title role of sixteen-year-old outlaw Ned Kelly, and places him among a skilled cast including Six Feet Under star and fellow Australian Rachel Griffiths, the Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, and Naomi Watts.

He also played a fictionalized version of Jacob Grimm in the 2005 Terry Gilliam film The Brothers Grimm. The same year he co-starred in the daring western Brokeback Mountain (directed by Ang Lee), with Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal playing cowboys in love. Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on the afternoon of 22 January 2008. An autopsy determined that he had suffered an accidental overdose of prescribed anti-depressants, pain killers, and sleeping medications. Ledger had already finished filming his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight, a Batman film planned for release in July 2008.

Ledger reportedly was named Heathcliff after the brooding figure in the Emily Brontë book Wuthering Heights... Ledger and actress Michelle Williams are parents to a daughter, Matilda Rose, born in October 2005. The pair met while playing husband and wife in Brokeback Mountain; they were never married, and separated in 2007. (answers.com)


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